Smart Siren

The Smart Plug gives you Smart control of your electricity outlet. Turn on/off any electronic device in your home environment using the LifeSmart™ App. Preset triggers and control energy consumption. Enable any item that is plugged in the outlet to become Smart device. Use the LifeSmart™ App to turn on and off anything in your home. And pair the Smart Plug with any Sensor to trigger control of your home devices.




Facial System


Item Description
Size 65.3 x 65.3 x 55 mm
Wireless Distance  200m (Open Field)
Weight 80g
Material ABS + PC / PC
Color  Ivory White 
Operating Temperature  -5 ~ 45°C
Operating Voltage  220V AC 
Operating Frequency  433MHz GFSK 
Thru-Wall  2 Wall
Maximum Load Current  3W 



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1 Setting Up LifeSmart Smart Siren